Fire Stopping

Fire StoppingMechanical and electrical services, by necessity breach compartment walls and floors allowing failure of integrity and insulation to occur where gaps around services have not been adequately fire stopped.

Fire and Security Consultancy Ltd are able to offer our clients a range of versatile fire stopping systems to maintain compartmentation where mechanical and electrical services pass through walls and floors. We are able to offer assistance with Fire Strategy where necessary and will always offer the most suitable, cost efficient product.

When we have completed a fire stop we record, label & sign off each one.  Each label has our company details together with installer name, date of fire stop, drawing reference & fire rating achieved.  We know that it is likely that services will be passed through our fire stops in the future but by looking at the label a client will be able to make contact with us and we can make the fire stop good, returning the integrity and fire rating.


The division of the building into discrete fire zones offers perhaps the most effective means of limiting fire damage. Designed to contain the fire to within the zone of origin, this approach provides at least some protection for the rest of the building and its occupants even if first aid firefighting measures are used and fail. It also delays the spread of fire prior to the arrival of the fire brigade.

In the event of a fire within a building protected by compartmentation, the size of the damaged area would depend upon the layout of the fire resisting barriers within the building. Almost every building has its own natural compartment lines which, with a little attention, are capable of providing upward of 30 minutes protection against a fully developed fire, and often provide an hour or more. Fire compartmentation should therefore form an important part of any damage limitation strategy.

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