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One property manager registers 450 buildings for safety fund
One of the UK’s largest private property managers has applied for cladding remediation funding for 450 buildings, representing 75% of all the high-rise blocks
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Fire chiefs express disappointment at tweak to safety rules
A subtle change in building safety measures which will see some buildings fall outside the scope of the new safety regime.
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Tyre company director sentenced for fire safety failings
The director of a scrap tyre yard has been handed a suspended prison sentence for a series of fire safety offences after an emergency fire door was nailed shut in a building where workers were living.
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A very modern tragedy; preventing self-storage facility fires
Just over a year ago, on New Year’s Eve and throughout New Year’s Day 2019, a catastrophic fire in a Croydon self-storage facility – Shurgard – destroyed every item stored in over 1,000 rented units.
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Welsh government to "radically reform or replace" 2005 Fire Safety Order
Julie James, housing and local government minister for the Welsh government, made the comments in a letter to a cross-party committee of assembly members published this week. The Equality, Local Government and Communities Committee called in November for urgent new legislation to replace the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 – which was introduced by the Labour Westminster government of the day.
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The secret to cutting building maintenance costs - the right way!
Whilst some argue that it is impossible to reduce costs without cutting corners, forward-thinking building maintenance teams have managed to employ some practical changes, which have not only reduced costs, but have also reduced carbon emissions, increased operational efficiency and helped them to remain fully compliant with legislation.
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New H&S Guidelines - even the Millennium Falcon gets caught out!
Five event companies have been prosecuted and fined in the previous year, and one of the most high profile was the £1.6 million fine meted out to Foodles Production when Harrison Ford broke his leg on the Star Wars set.
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Moving People in an Emergency Terrorist Threat Situation
Evacuation in response to a terrorist threat is not the same as evacuation due to fire or other incidents and the appropriate response may be different.
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The Beacon - February 2017
Fire risk management & evacuation, have you really considered how you would help others?
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The Beacon - December 2016
People on the lowest incomes tend to be the most vulnerable to the risk of residential fires, research launched during Fire Door Safety Week has revealed.
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